Thirst Trailer

Thirst Trailer - MCV14/15 - iDec/UPF

Thirst Trailer

Trailer of the video game "Thirst". Master's degree project developed by 7 students in 9 months in Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Available soon for download.

With 4 programmers that created a PBR graphics engine from 0.
One animator and another artist, we created a hack and slash 3D game.

My rol in the game was:
-white box and base map modeling
-modeling, texturing 50% of the environment and props
-Modeling, texturing, rigging and skinning the main character and his transformations
-Modeling, texturing, rigging the final boss
-Simple destruction simulation
-Illumination of the game


-Germán Galván


-Anna Garcia
-Pol Rius


-Andres Barrera
-Pere Rajadell
-Bruno Rebaque
-David Soler


-Boss Battle
"The fall" by WELT

-BSO and additional writing by Albert Aroca


-Jesse Lowther